Dream Farms Hair Conditioner is the perfect match for the Dream Farms Shampoo. This product will complement your wash with its carefully crafted mix of nature-base ingredients and oils that retain moisture for the ultimate in frizz-free manageability and natural shine. Using the combination of both the shampoo and conditioner will maximize your CBD treatment for your scalp and hair.


CBD has been studied substantially, and recently been used for hair growth and scalp health. CBD oil has recently been discovered to help stimulate hair regrowth, curb hair fall out, prevent graying, prevent hair damage and condition your hair.


Dream Farms Full Spectrum CBD Coconut Rice & Honey Shampoo 140mg 16oz

CBD Oil helps maintain scalp health, stimulates hair regrowth, curb hair fall, prevent graying, prevent hair damage and conditions hair, also good for colored hair.

*   Paraben Free

*   Cruelty Free

*   Soy Free

*   Sulfate Free

*   Vegan

*   Good for all hair types

*   Can be used on color-treated hair

Dream Farms CBD Coconut Rice & Honey Conditioner Wholesale

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